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6 Fitness Clubs In and Around Wellesley!


Whether you are a gym addict or drag yourself to get there you must admit: Nothing beats that post-workout feel. With scientific proof that working out lifts your spirits and supports happy endorphins to get you pumped up, we’re lucky that Wellesley and our surrounding cities are bursting with plentiful options for weightlifting, jogging or yoga. Read on to discover some of my favorites around.


CycleBar, Wellesley


CycleBar is a bit of a dream come true for those that are not entirely fitness inclined: they host Wine Down Wednesday, and yes, it’s actually what you are thinking! Following CycleBar’s Wednesday classes, they invite their students to stay for a round of some vino and snacks. Wine, not your thing? Not to be alarmed as they also host several themed classes throughout the year like Halloween, The Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and more.  

CycleBar offers spinning classes for beginners to the pro’s, and have several packages that are ‘fit’ for the whole family.


Barry’s Bootcamp, Chestnut Hill


If you think you have done some intense workouts, you may want to re-think that after some sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp. Powerful, but great results, you may leave a little sore from Barry’s. That is why they offer a fantastic and supportive team of trainers (often dubbed cheerleaders) and, even can have a smoothie awaiting you when you finish your workout! That’s enough to keep me coming back (try the Dirty Chai.)


HYP Studio, Wellesley, and Needham


Get your Namaste on at local favorite, HYP Studio. They offer an incredible array of yoga classes, including hot yoga, meditation, barre, and pilates. One walk into their gorgeous, pristine and airy studio should have you hooked. They also have several times each day to choose from, making it incredibly easy to find a class to fit your busy schedule.


Orangetheory, Natick & Chestnut Hill


While Barry’s teams are your cheerleaders, the staff at Orangetheory are often called rock stars! An incredibly challenging (but worth it) workout, Orangetheory’s approach is keeping you pumped and going for at least an hour. Their motto? Burn fat, burn calories, build muscle. You will be jogging, rowing, anything to get your heart pumped, Orangetheory most likely covers. The result? Many clients begin to see incredible results after a month of dedication.


B/SPOKE, Boston and Wellesley


If you reside on the outskirts of the city yet conduct your business and day times, B/Spoke is another fantastic spinning studio to consider (and again, no more excuses!) as they have locations in Wellesley and Downtown.


Being another great option for a variety of classes for everyone’s schedule, B/Spoke also stands out as they provide your gear for your workout; shoes, robes, toiletries. Never worry about forgetting your essentials again. We love their hip-hop classes with Victoria.


Koko Fit Club, Needham


Koko Fit Club in Needham is perfect if you are looking for a transformation. Koko Fit Club offers fitness classes, one on one health coach training, and even a digital coach to help you stay on track. Their automated training system gives you a challenging and rewarding 30-minute workout every time you plug your USB key into the Koko Smartrainer.  They track your previous workouts and then switch up to a new set of exercises. All in a 30-minute workout!


With such terrific options in our surrounding areas, check out one of these clubs to get on track with the holidays approaching!