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Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

Real estate sales and purchases are transactions. They are legally binding business deals that center on what is typically one of the largest expenditures most people will make in a lifetime. Be that as it may, a good deal of emotion can domi...

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Branding Tips for Realtors

I love being a real estate agent in Wellesley. I really do. I believe it is a job you must love in order to do it well, as it requires the ability to both understand how to help people achieve their goals, while protecting their interests a...

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Generational Home Buying Trends

As one of the Wellesley area Realtors, I understand the need to completely appreciate a client’s objectives. This includes how they prefer to proceed through the process; like best manner of communication, etc. As far as generational divid...

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Why Hire A Local Agent

Many of us try to shop local when it comes to everything from produce in our neighborhood’s farmers’ markets to patronizing area retail stores. It’s a wonderful way to demonstrate support and help keep hard-working people in business. No ...

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Think You’ve Seen It All In Backyard Design?

There’s nothing better than getting away from it all. But it’s the backyard that is the new vacation destination. Here are some corners of paradise from which to enjoy sun-drenched days making summertime memories. And they’re just ...

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How to Obtain a Pre-Approval Letter

An official kick-off to the home search experience, obtaining a mortgage pre-approval makes sellers and their agents take your review of the property for sale seriously. If you wish to be a contender in a bidding war, or be absolutely pr...

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Storage Solutions That Sell Homes

While organizational professionals would disagree that anyone should put off such a task until they sell their home, the reality is — this is when most people start planning these efforts. Whether or not in beautiful Wellesley, real es...

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How To Win a Bidding War

Along your house buying journey, you’ve swept through brokers’ opens, reviewed potential properties over lunch with your agent, and possibly made an offer on the one that feels like home. Then you get the call that you have some competi...

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How Do You Know When It’s the Right Time to Sell?

With another summer on its way, visions of new homes are perhaps dancing in your head. Whether it’s your last child leaving the proverbial nest, your relocation to another city, the allure of an expanded master suite featuring spectacular...

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How to Prevent Headaches: Hire a Home Inspector

For buyers, a new home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. It is obvious that after all the house hunting with your agent and tasting all the different cookies at open houses, you are in the clouds when you find the home ...

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