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Benefits of New Construction Homes


Decisions decisions. When it comes to investing in your next home sweet home it can be hard to decide between a new construction and a pre-existing home. What, with so many beautiful homes available in our area it is no wonder you might be ques...

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A Day in Wayland Massachusetts FB


Just under 20 miles outside of Boston, the community of Wayland awaits to be your haven. A fantastic suburb for raising your family and escaping the rush of the city, Wayland has a moderate population of just under 15,000 and boasts everything...

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Where to Dine in Wellesley MA

Where to Dine in Wellesley MA

When you buy a new home, one thing is usually certain: You either want to learn all of the best restaurants in the area, or, ensure you are in vicinity to your favorite go to’s. Wellesley has a fantastic array of dining choices, and today, we...

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Map of Dover with the words a Day in Dover

A Day in Dover MA

Dover MA is a pretty special place. While those residing often feel like they are miles away from the “real world” and hustle and bustle of urban life, you are just a mere fifty minutes from Boston when you need to get to the city. Otherwis...

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When To Walk Away From Your Realtor

When To Walk Away From Your Realtor A relationship with a Realtor is an investment -- one of your time and of your confidence; and of course, your money. You are hiring a real estate expert who must guide you in making the best and most in...

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picture of a kitchen dining area with a beautifully set table to showcase home staging

The Facts About Home Staging

Staging a home for sale is no longer a “Should I?” – it’s a must. Home staging is both an art and a science, requiring a professional assessment of the optimum way to showcase your home in its finest light. Besides the need to declu...

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I Am Thankful

This is one of my favorite times of the year; the annual opportunity to count my blessings. We are all so busy with our jobs and our families and personal lives that most of us don’t take the time to appreciate the cherished aspects of our...

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Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

Real estate sales and purchases are transactions. They are legally binding business deals that center on what is typically one of the largest expenditures most people will make in a lifetime. Be that as it may, a good deal of emotion can domi...

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Branding Tips for Realtors

I love being a real estate agent in Wellesley. I really do. I believe it is a job you must love in order to do it well, as it requires the ability to both understand how to help people achieve their goals, while protecting their interests a...

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Generational Home Buying Trends

As one of the Wellesley area Realtors, I understand the need to completely appreciate a client’s objectives. This includes how they prefer to proceed through the process; like best manner of communication, etc. As far as generational divid...

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