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Holidays with your furry babies

As a dog lover and owner of my fur babies Grace and Cooper, I know how important including your fur babies is during the holiday season. Not only do you have to take special steps to make sure they are not overwhelmed or feel anxious during this hectic time of year, but you may also want to include them in your gift giving. Today I want to share with you ways you can keep your dog(s) stress-free and merry during this month’s festivities plus the folks over at the Wellesley Unleashed will share what is on your pup’s wish list this year.


Keep Pets Stress Free

I get why people love to spoil their animals around the holidays. But just as the holiday season can be stressful for humans, it can also be tough on your pup. Here are a few tips to help all your family members have a great holiday season.


Avoid feeding your pets table scraps

Just as there are lots of rich foods that can upset our stomachs, animals should avoid many of the foods we serve at our holiday meal. Turkey bones, garlic, onions, raisins, and chocolate are often found at any good holiday soiree, but none are suitable for pets. So resist the urge to feed your pet scraps from that Thanksgiving feast and instead opt for more pet-friendly treats.


Keep their routine

The holidays can bring a lot of new scenery, routines and people around your pet. All of which can make an animal feel anxious. Try to keep your routine with your pet on track. Daily walks, regular meal times and cuddle time should all stay the same (well, maybe extra cuddle time).


Give them their own space

If you are planning on having a lot of guest over during this holiday season you may want to find a space for your pet’s to relax away from all the action. Too much stimulation can be taxing on animals and they can act out. Depending on your pet’s personality they may be fine with extra attention and action around the house, but some animals do not like strangers and strange smells. No matter your pet’s personality it is best to have a safe and comfortable space where they can go if needed. This can be a room in your home where they can be comfortable, like the master bedroom if they often sleep with you. Or it can be outside. Just be sure they have access to clean water and can take bathroom breaks as needed.


What is on Fido’s gift list this year?

Out here in Wellesley, we have a wonderful pet store called Unleashed by Petco. James M. the Guest Advisor at the store gave me the hot ticket items that your dog is sure to love this holiday season!

Bully Sticks

According to James, Bully Sticks are the number one must have for your dog this holiday season. And if the reviews are any indication he is on to something! Bully sticks are unlike any treat you have given your pup. They are all natural, tasty (for dogs) and they last for much longer than other rawhide style treat. You could easily give your dog a Bully Stick before heading out to see the holiday lights and come back to a happy dog still chewing away! Bully Sticks can be purchased at most pet stores but I recommend Praire Dog Odor Free 12″ Bully Sticks, 3 count sold at our very own Unleashed or online.


Jame’s shared with me that anything from the Kong line of toys would make a great gift this year. Kong has always been popular with my pups. The Kong line offers a whole slew of fun options to meet any dogs play style. If your dog likes to gnaw on toys and feel challenged the original Kongs would be great. If tug of war is what your pup is into I suggest the KONG Scrunch Knots Raccoon or the KONG Tugger Knots Moose Dog Tug Toy. If fetch is the favorite pastime kong makes a whole selection of toys to meet your needs like the KONG SqueakAir Tennis Balls Pack of 3 or the KONG Flyer Dog Toy.


Speaking of fetch, there is no brand higher on a fetch loving dogs wish list than the Chickit! line of toys. Featuring the perfect selection of toys to toss, roll and play your pup will surely love anything you get them from their huge selection at Unleashed. If your dogs are anything like mine, you may want to invest in a Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launcher to save your arm from getting tired from all the playing you will do!


No matter what your pup’s play style, thanks to the folks over at the Wellesley Unleashed, you will surely make their holiday with one or more of these fun toys. Our Wellesley Unleashed is located at 165 Linden St #104, Wellesley, MA 02482. Or Click here to learn more about the store.


I hope that you and your pets all have a wonderful holiday season and a fun new year!