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Increase your home’s value with the right paint colors

The colors you paint on your walls can do more than just lift your mood and inspire you! They can also help increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.


According to Zillow, these are the best colors to paint your home if you want to make more money at closing:


Homes with yellow kitchens sell for an average premium of $1,360. Contrary to popular belief white kitchens do not typically help increase the value of a home. Many buyers can perceive the color white as sterile. Your best bet is to pick a light or “warm neutral” shade of yellow. Try a more buttery yellow to add a warmth to the room. We suggest Benjamin Moore’s Inner Glow and Donald Kaufman Color Collection’s DKC-30. Both will bring instant warmth and calm to your kitchen.


Bedrooms can certainly be tricky. Painting a bedroom red can be too aggressive and make it hard for some people to sleep, whereas green tends to be a very soothing and tranquil color. According to Zillow, “painting a bedroom light green to khaki can boost a selling price by an average of $1,332.” A sage green is probably a good bet. According to Interior Designers Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt, this shade of green is restful. They recommend C2 Paint’s New Leaf. 


When it comes to living rooms, family rooms and any other high-traffic space your best bet is to go neutral. My favorite neutral right now is gray. It is a more solid pick than white and plays nice with other accent colors you may choose. According to the Zillow findings, homes with living rooms painted with dove or light-gray paint sold for an average premium of $1,104.


Here are a couple of grays recommended by top designers (Learn more on the Elle Decor Blog):




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For bathrooms, Zillow did not see much difference in the selection of colors. The only real impact was choosing light colors over dark. Buyers tend to like bathrooms that are not only updated but light and bright.


Do you have a formal dining room? Zillow found that homes with a dining room painted lavender, mauve, or eggplant sold for $1,122 more than other houses.  Purple is considered to be a color that inspires thought and creativity so that may explain why discussion over dinner can get so deep with a dark eggplant or mauve. According to designer Laura Bohn, The color Orchid Petal from Pittsburgh Paints is a “happy soothing color. It’s the palest of the pale lavenders – a petally color, a flower color. I think it’s very pure and fresh.”


Are you ready to try out some new shades in your home? Color samples are very inexpensive, and you can purchase them at any box hardware store or paint store. You can also test out your color choices using artificial intelligence! Check out the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer or the Zillow Digs App.