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Interior Design Trends for 2018

Once the holidays wrap up, we’ll be ready to kick off the new year. With a new year, this means a whole new set of trends for interior design. Will orange be the new black? Will you see more homeowners swapping out mahogany for walnut? Read on to see some emerging trends we’re looking forward to in interior design for 2018!


Get Ready to Be Bold

While 2017 saw colors for the home a bit on the grey and neutral scale, 2018 is all about going bolder. Sherwin Williams recently came out with their brightest and most daring hues for 2018 that are sure to give your home sweet home a surge of “pop” with exciting new shades. I am loving Oceanside for your bathroom, Honey Bees for the kitchen, and Tamarind for the reading room or somewhere cozy. Bold reds and pinks are a great option, too; especially for your guest bedrooms.


If you prefer to stay a bit more on the mellow side, rest assured as there are plenty of color schemes going in that route in the new year, too. Paint giant, PPG, is going on the darker and more subdued side for their top picks in 2018. “In past years, consumers have gravitated toward open, airy spaces that are thought to leave room for exposure,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG’s Senior Color Marketing Manager for Olympic paint. “However, in the current day, consumers often feel uneasy, restless, or like their privacy is being invaded, so they crave deep, comforting colors that offer a welcomed escape from the chaos of daily life.” This is when PPG’s Black Flame will come in handy. A perfect and versatile shade, PPG’s Black Flame is the perfect option should you be looking to change things up, but are not yet ready to go too big and bold.


And Getting Back to the Reading Room….

Our little sanctuaries and safe havens are vital in this day and age. 2018 will see an abundance of adorable and chic reading chairs, loveseats and corner armchairs that will be where you find yourself whenever you get that “me” time.  Where to go to find your new pieces for the reading nook, or family room? Look no further than your favorite antique shops. That’s right; this year will be all about the vintage look. Think timeless, classy pieces like embroidered pillows and hand knit throws that remind you of your Grandmother’s home. Add an ottoman and relax with a cup of coffee as you read that book that’s been sitting on the shelf forever.


And, Tuck the Coffee Maker Away After You Make That Cup….

While quartz countertops and glass doors are to be all the rage for the kitchen in 2018, another trend that will most likely be common is keeping a minimal kitchen. This means tucking away the coffee pot, toaster, and Knick-knack. Our lives are often so busy and cluttered that your kitchen should not be. Specialty cabinets for our kitchen appliances are also on the rise, and can easily make your home look ever so poised and put together. Even if you literally just threw it all in its place before the guests arrive!

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Getting Back to Quartz…

News flash: Granite countertops are a thing of the past. The #1 product on the housing market right now is quartz, and this will continue in the New Year. Extremely durable, quartz is the way to go should you be thinking of giving your countertops a fresh new look.


So, there you have it. Just a few of the emerging trends for interior design once 2018 drops. What do you think of these styles? Will you be giving your home a makeover? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!