16 Sep

Branding Tips for Realtors

I love being a real estate agent in Wellesley. I really do. I believe it is a job you must love in order to do it well, as it requires the ability to both understand how to help people achieve their goals, while protecting their interests and negotiating effectively on their behalf.

Because it is also a business, like any other, there is the promotional aspect. In a word: Branding.

Potential clients need to know who you are and why they should hire you. Your branding should be reflective of more than just the fact you sell homes; it should be representative of the market you support.

This article, 8 Branding Techniques of Successful Agents – Real Estate Solutions offers some telling insights for real estate agents everywhere.

  • Identify Your Target Client

Who do you plan to sell to/for? Do you want to sell to couples who are looking for their first home? Or maybe a family with 4 kids who needs a big house with a lot of land? Make sure you know what you want because once you decide who you want your core group of customers to be, only then can you ensure you understand everything about their needs and how to best serve them.

  • Get Personal

Be open with your clients throughout the entire process. They will be more likely to connect with you if you appeal to them on an emotional level and demonstrate integrity. Enumerate the reasons why they may/may not want to consider a particular home for purchase. Honesty, always honesty.

  • Values and Beliefs

Keep in mind that clients do their research before hiring an agent. They look up reviews and talk to friends about their experiences with certain people. Make sure to act in an honorable and trustworthy way because actions always speak louder than words.

  • Become an Expert

If for any reason you are not incredibly familiar about a particular neighborhood, make certain you do your homework before the listing appointment if you are to represent a seller, or of course the history and detail of the recent solds when representing either side.

  • What Distinguishes You as an Expert

What separates you from your competition? Make sure people know what they can gain from hiring you versus another agent. Understand your own value-add.

  • Personal Logo

Keep in mind that people are visual and are drawn to compelling imagery. For this marketing foundation, hire a graphic designer who can create one that is representative and will work across all platforms and promotional items.

  • Marketing Plan

Social media is the most effective way to communicate with customers on a consistent and beneficial basis. It allows you to be genuine and connect with potential clients. While cost effective, in its purest form, social media requires sweat equity to produce worthwhile information and to engage with followers.

Jarad Hull writes, “When posting to social media, aim for a mix of 60 percent personal, 25 percent business and 15 percent problem solving.”

As Realtors we must: Remain involved in our local community, demonstrate integrity, showcase our talent, and have an excellent understanding of the markets we support and the audience to whom we can offer the most value.


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