• 20 Oct JB_BlogImages_TheImportanceofListeningToYourClients_(1)

    The Importance of Listening to Your Clients

    If a Realtor considers him or herself as a salesperson, they could not be more wrong. Realtors should be seasoned professionals with an understanding of real estate law and a solid grasp on every nuance of the markets they serve. We are not salespeople, we are interpreters. Listen to your clients and learn their language; never the other way around.

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  • 07 Oct JB_BlogImages_HowToSaveMoney_(1)

    How to Save Money When You Hire a Realtor

    So when publishes an article about the significance of adding a Realtor to the equation, is that simply a disclaimer that their website is not the end-all resource, or is having a Realtor represent you when buying and selling a must-have?

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  • 16 Sep JB_BlogImages_Branding

    Branding Tips for Realtors

    As Realtors we must: Remain involved in our local community, demonstrate integrity, showcase our talent, and have an excellent understanding of the markets we support and the audience to whom we can offer the most value.

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  • 01 Sep JB_BlogImages_Generationalhomebuying

    Generational Home Buying Trends

    Taking some tips from the millennial generation can put home buyers of all ages even more in touch with what and where they are interested as well as the home that suits the long- or the short-term.

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  • 19 Aug JB_BlogImages_-LocalAgent

    Why Hire a Local Agent?

    No matter where you reside, connecting with those in your community goes a long way toward making it a better place to live. The same is true in real estate. Working with an agent who has first-hand knowledge of things like the local history and what’s happening in the marketplace will always provide a distinct advantage; whether you are the home buyer or seller.

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